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“How about we all stop paying mortgages! It’s a moral hazard.”

Rick Santelli

One of the Big Three U S rating agencies Fitch Ratings Inc. has finally made some credible predictions about the real estate market in Canada in 2021.

Here are some of the findings and raison d’etre for such assessment.

Fitch forecasts that the unemployment rate in 2021 will fall to 7.8% from 9.5% in 2020. When measured against the average rate of 6.3% during the previous five years, the unemployment rate would continue to a matter of concern and would impact the housing market. The segment that…

The scenario has changed. What mattered before Corona is a thing of the past. Fear of an imminent crash, physical limitations of lockdown and low cost of borrowing have created a new market equation where demand surprisingly tips supply and the prices hold. Nay improve.

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‘Love it or List it’ is an old adage in real estate. It is a state of mind where you love your home so much that you refuse to sell it.

Those lovely memories of children playing in the backyard and growing up; friends coming over for a drink and dinner and everyone enjoying themselves; the fragrance of roses, lilacs, jasmine and hyacinth in flower pots that you watered with your own hands; those soft words of tenderness and gratitude that you murmured when loosening the soil of your aloe vera and campanula; petunia and begonia with a caring smile on your face and whose fragrance went beyond your nostrils; the aroma of barbeques and curries; saffron and cinnamon laced in green teas, whose olfactory imprint became one of your cherished intangible souvenirs; the mirth and laughter that still ring in your ears; the bedroom passion of your younger days and the compassion behind those heated arguments; where you showered your grandma suffering from Alzheimer’s with unconditional love, something you had learnt from your pet dog Micky or cat Sandra; a place where you learnt to be yourself, were yourself, became yourself, with or sometimes without clothes: all these felt experiences make a bouquet of living memories that one can die for. They are all, not mysteriously though, trapped in your mind. And so are you!

Thus you keep on living in your house, although common sense would dictate that you need to sell for a reason which is obvious to your friends and loved ones but not to you. Whether it is time to upgrade for an expanding family, to downgrade because your chicks have flown, you are getting older and you need to spend less time and energy maintaining the present setup or…

Many are surprized how the real estate market is holding steady. But it is a precarious balance, like the last thread of a rope torn in the middle, in a game of tug-of-war! The real impact will be felt once the impediments imposed by the lockdown are removed.

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I am not an alarmist. Not even a true bear. Not one of those who believe in market ‘doom’. I try being a realist.

I believe in times of uncertainty, more than at any other time, it is facts that should guide us.

Yes facts. Absence of facts causes fear. Like now. Wherever we have facts, they tell the story but often not the entire story. Sometimes facts hide more than they reveal. Like cough and body temperature that may indicate a simple flu but hide the dreaded corona virus.

Before saying anything further, let me wish all of you…

The recession caused by Corona is different from any other recession in the past, whether caused by pandemics or other economic and political forces. Now, preservation of capital, liquidity, and guaranteed incomes for life will be the focus of families and small businesses.

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How volatile are the markets these days?

To say ‘very volatile’ would be an understatement. They are jumping up and down like they are playing on a trampoline. Whenever the governments announce measures to open up some sectors of the economy, they rebound. Otherwise with every other news about the extensive spread of corona and perceived helplessness to arrest its spread, they dip for cover. Without resistance.

What can you do in a situation like this?

Holistic Approach is Good But I Still Need To Be Proactive

In my last post, I emphasized on a holistic approach. I argued that…

You may worry too much about the lost money during this Crisis. But the money you are left with has a bigger purpose in your life. You can also make much more.

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“Let your desires be ruled by reason.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Here is the thing.

Corona is affecting everyone. Mentally and emotionally.

It affects all of us financially too.

Whether or not Corona can ever be flattened, communities, businesses and markets, overall and in many sectors, are already flattened!


Mega-Scale Imbalance

Corona virus has caused unprecedented imbalance in our economic, social and cultural lives.

Jobs are lost like…

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Corona has affected everyone in the present-day world.

It has impacted lives and social behaviours and some of that impact will be felt for all times to come.

How would it affect the real estate market? Is it possible to make an assessment now?

The full impact of Corona virus is difficult to assess. It is too early for that. We do not know how long it will last. We do not know if the peak has been reached. We do not know how much time it will take for the curve to flatten.

We do not even know if…

How Little Things Like Yellow Traffic Light Can Help Reinforce Positive Traits

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Intrigued? Well, that is the idea. But then that is not the idea.

First things first. Yellow or amber? Light or signal?

Yellow Light or Amber Signal?

I am talking about the yellow traffic signal we see in our commuting hours day and night. I call it a light, not a signal. I prefer ‘light’ to ‘signal’. Because Light is truth. Light is love. Light is sunshine and, therefore, life. Signal sounds like a warning!

It is not even yellow. It is amber! A colour with myriad meanings.

Why an act of kindness should be treated as an experience that has most power to transform our own lives. Not merely touch the lives of others.

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We are grateful to Aesop for having said it for all of us, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Yes, I get it. It does a lot of good. And no amount of kindness is ever enough. But our default conclusion is that it does a lot of good only to others. Not so much to us. But the truth may be different. …

Our Feelings Changed from Annoyance to Happiness and Gratefulness!

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First Time Nerves

It is a complete joy to write this piece. I mean to publish it. My first. In ‘Medium”. The word ‘publish’ sounds a bit scary! Somehow today. Not that I have not been publishing. I have written hundreds of pieces that have seen the print. But this is a bit different.

Never mind my incomplete sentences. Here and there. Or those without verbs. I want to be myself. Vulnerable and a little creative at the same time. With fear in one fist and creativity in another. I want to raise my right arm (I am right-handed!) and…

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